BOISE, Idaho (AP) Idaho police are starting to enforce a new

Where there was once a 7 foot sidewalk abutting the road, West Valley now dictates a 15 foot buffer berm between the road and sidewalk. As a result, some areas where the new style meets the old require a sign to ensure that people don walk on the newly landscaped buffer berm. The city has no official estimate for how many businesses have complied with the Redwood Road Streetscape regulations, but 11 years after its passage (with some amendments over time), there are still very large stretches of noncompliance where there are no trees, no berms and no required sprinkler systems..

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She ended up smashing the car window to render aid

Combining Hi 8 video with black and white 16 mm film, the movie has a raw feel to it. It’s presented as a documentary showing college students dabbling with voodoo and witchcraft. It was so convincing that people actually believed the actors were real people.

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There are even more thorny issues to contend with when you

air force awards massive hypersonic

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It could be also a memorable moment of a sport or it could a

Torrential rains have battered God own country since August 8, leaving over 200 people dead in landslides and floods in what is the worst natural disaster to hit the state in a century. Out of the total casualties, 150 are said to have lost their lives in the last two days. (Follow live updates here ).

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Do not drink alcohol while taking acetaminophen containing

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His group therapy practice folded

ireland laps up sizzling temperatures on hottest day of the year

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